Hair Mineral Testing

Testing for Minerals and Toxic Metals

Getting Toxic Metals Out

If your hair results show excesses in toxic metals :

Here are some guidelines:

First you want to locate and eliminate the source.

Then use natural chelators listed below to pull them out and also you can use the antagonizing metal. For example if you are way too high in copper you would want to use zinc to help pull that out. Another example would be if you are very high in calcium you could take magnesium.

A knowlegeable Naturapath in your area would beable to help you with this.




Soda pop, juice and beer cans

food cooked in aluminum cookware


flu shot

anti- perspirants

contaminated drinking water

some baking powders

drying agents in regular salt

bleached flour

fluoridated water increases leaching of aluminum from pots and pans aluminum containing antacids

Natural chelators: Vit C






table salt

contaminated drinking water




rat poison

glass and mirror  manufacture


wood preservatives

Some small amounts of arsenic are needed by our bodies but excesses causes problems

Natural chelators: iodine,selenium, Vit C



leaded gasoline

manufacture of batteries

mine smelting industries

cigarette smoke

food cans soldered with lead

contaminated drinking water

Grecian Formula hair dye

Youth Hair hair dye

lead based paints

coloured inks

ceramic glazes

pesticide residues

lead water pipes

Natural chelators: phosphorus, calcium, chromium, copper, selenium, magnesium, iron, zinc, protein, Vit C and E



Dental amalgams

tunafish and swordfish

contaminated drinking water

seeds and vegetables treated with mercurial fungicides

some medications: contact lens solutions, directics, Mercurochrome,Merthiolate, Preparation H

Occupational Exposure: felt, algicides, floor waxes, adhesives, fabric softners, manufacture of paper and production of chlorine

Tatoos dyes


latex paints

laxatives containing calomel

cinnabar jewelry

coal burning releases it into the atmosphere

broken thermometers

Fungicides and pesticides  are a major source. Used worldwide to treat

grains and seeds. The  most common is methyl mercury.

Vaccines and flu shot

Natural Chelators: selenium ( preventive), zinc, Vit C

Please note Butter is the best chelator of mercury. Also Cilantro chelates out toxic metals very well. See our other page for recipe.